King Soloman and His New Single, “Take Out The Trash”

Brooklyn-born and Miami native, King Soloman, has released his new single for “take out the trash”. 2020 and even now in 2021, was a hard year for everyone. You really got to know who your real friends are. This song is about “taking out the trash”, and what it is like to release all those toxic people in our lives.

“Where did the inspiration from this song come from?”

It all started when my friend, 40, called me up and told me that he was thinking about coming down to Miami for a little bit to get away from LA. It was the middle of quarantine and he was felt bad about some fake individuals who were causing problems. At the same time I was also going through issues with unreliable people who wanted to see me on my downfall. We talked for a while and I told him that you always gotta take people out of your life if they don’t help you grow, and then 40 said-  “you gotta take out the trash”. Then it all just clicked. We got hype! After our conversation I knew right away that we were going to make a banger, the energy was there. He sent me a beat the very next day with his verse already recorded. I wrote some bars, he flew down a week later and we hopped in the booth with my homie Renzo, who’s also featured on the track.

At the end of the day, It’s just about getting rid of the people in your life that bring negative energy. Everyone goes through it no matter what your circumstances are. What it really comes down to is, are you going to stay in that same environment that’s holding you back from your potential or are you just gonna take out the trash?

Check out King Soloman’s new song, now!

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