King Soloman Releases ‘Everything 2020’

King Soloman is stepping into new waters switching up his sound to a more jazz like feel. This song and video for ‘Everything 2020’ revolves around the start of the pandemic and what has come of the past two years. It takes the very real reality of what’s going on into the view of his... Continue Reading →

King Soloman: “Wish For This” Video

King Soloman has a new video out for "Wish For This", and the visuals are sure to make you reminiscent of a time where you could have big house parties. He uses these multicolored lights mixed with merging edits to create this trippy aesthetic that is intriguing. The camera rarely stays still, which could be... Continue Reading →

Artist Of The Week: King Soloman

Photo By: Dmitriy Krechko Sean Levine, better know as King Soloman, is an artist that grew up in the Southside of Brooklyn and always has had a passion for music. Sean and longtime friend, Tariq Allen, began making beats in Spring 2012 and recording them at their high school. The 'King Soloman' project was temporarily... Continue Reading →

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