Artist Of The Week: King Soloman

Photo By: Dmitriy Krechko

Sean Levine, better know as King Soloman, is an artist that grew up in the Southside of Brooklyn and always has had a passion for music. Sean and longtime friend, Tariq Allen, began making beats in Spring 2012 and recording them at their high school. The ‘King Soloman’ project was temporarily placed on hold when Sean made the move from Brooklyn to Miami.

Around 2015, Levine came across the South Florida music scene, reigniting that passion to create. He reconnected with Tariq Allen and together they restarted a new era of King Soloman. Within his music, he shows a background of someone who grew up in Brooklyn and against all odds rose up against challenges. By mixing his authentic lyrics with a rhythmic flow, its no surprise he pulls listeners in.

After releasing his mixtape, NYC 2 MIA, Sean was met with an incredible positive response. His song ‘I Need That’ has over 20,000 Spotify streams, and also includes a visually stunning music video to go along side it. You can find all his music and information below.

I Need That Music Video | Spotify | SoundCloud | Instagram

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