Conrad Ashton Set to Release New Single ‘Time”

Photo Credit: Enthos MusicĀ 

Conrad Ashton is a singer-songwriter from Spennymoor County Durham in the North East of England. His music is mix of modern rock and pop, combined with eloquent, relatable lyrics for everyone to connect to. With focusing on emphasis on how the song will effect each listener, it creates a more unique vibe.

‘Time’ is set to be released on May 22, 2020. With strong vocals right from the start and riffs reminiscent of classic rock, it demands to be heard. It takes listeners in with lyrics that tell a story and captures their attention. Ashton is branching into a mix of genres with this, creating a fresh take to pop rock music entirely. You can’t ignore the passion in his voice, it is something that demands to be listened to and a must for creating music that is authentic. Be sure to give ‘Time’ a listen on May 22nd!

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