King Soloman Releases New Song “Hands Of Time”

Many of us can relate to the hectic yet stagnant feeling 2020 has brought us. Between being stuck at home, adjusting to new procedures, and tensions at an all time high, this year pushed us all to our limits. Along with other artists, King Soloman used his experience with this to write and create something positive, and ‘Hands Of Time’ focus’ on that stress release. These emotions are something that everyone can relate to, and now more than ever it’s important to find a way to cope with them, and music will help people still connect with one another.

“My inspiration came from having a hectic time during my life and I needed a way to release all of my stress. I was in the middle of graduating college, getting married, coronavirus, riots, and working at the same time. I had to just take a step back from everything and think about what’s happening in my life. Hands of time represents my internal reflections on the last 4 months and transports the listener to a meditative state where they too can reflect and analyze their past. It also resembles the importance of BLM hence why I said Rest In Peace multiple times to allude to the unjust killings such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Hopefully the world can all do some reflecting and come together to make better decisions to unite us as a nation.”

King Soloman

You can find the song here.

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