Meïa Fundraiser

As many of you know, COVID-19 took a huge toll on the music industry. Many crew, artists and venues are left struggling to fund projects, and have to come up with non traditional ideas for work. Meïa is a singer/songwriter from Barcelona, Spain, who moved to NYC to work on projects.

My mom got Covid and was at hospital under severe treatments while I was here . Not being able to see her has been the most painful thing that I’ve ever experienced. Making music has helped me to get through these difficult times and has kept my faith in life. I dedicate this whole project to my mom. With my music I want people to reconnect with this primordial passion, with the joy for life”


Meïa is raising money to fund her upcoming album, as well as giving a portion of the money to Safe Horizon, which empowers victims to find safety and support. If you can donate, or share, you can find the page here.

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