Ginesse Releases Debut EP “Somewhere to Die”

Photo by: Elizabeth Miranda

New coming indie – pop artist, Ginesse, has just released her debut EP, “Somewhere to Die”. She’s already made a name for herself as an actress under the name Cait Fairbanks, being nominated for an Emmy for her role in ‘The Young & The Restless’ and also known for her role in the off Broadway show ‘Heather’s: The Musical’.

Her musical project, Ginesse, began in 2018 and quickly gained the attention of NYLON, PAPER and Billboard. ‘Somewhere to Die’ is Ginesse’s first EP consisting of five singles taking you through an emotional journey go love, career moves, tears, and partying.

“LA can be a lonely place. The ‘Somewhere To Die’ EP is about the people who have stuck around though it all and helped changed the point of view of my life experiences. These people saved my life and made my music possible. For that, I am forever grateful. Truth is though, this is just one chapter of my life. This is the start and I can’t wait to see what happens.”


From the moment you hear the first notes of her songs, you’re drawn in. The songs are flawlessly produced and each one has vocals that compliment the instrumentals and vice versa. ‘Somewhere to Die’ is an EP you hit play on and can just relax and sing along to. I would absolutely recommend everyone who is a fan of indie pop to give this one a listen. It’s rare that an artist can immediately capture the undivided attention of their listeners with their first EP but Ginesse did just that. You can listen on Spotify or Apple Music.

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