Kat Saul : Made In the 90s Out Now

‘Made in the 90s’, Kat Saul’s 5 track sophomore EP is officially released! This EP stems from the past events Kat as experienced and how it helped shape her into the woman she is today, leading into a ‘coming of age’ theme. From tackling mental health to heartbreak, ‘Made in the 90s’ will take you on a emotional roller coaster with electro-pop melodies combined with alt rock.

“‘made in the 90s’ is me reflecting on who I am and what I’ve been through as I transition into adult life so that I can process how the past has made me who I am…because that’s what art is right?, It was written over several years, in several different stages of life, and in several different cities. I live to perform and I write to get through the chaos of being human. I was made in the 90s, and this is what that sounds like to me.”

Kat Saul

‘Made in the 90s’ captures an amazing balance of the pop and rock elements, creating songs that you’ll want to play on repeat. Personally, the favorite off the 5 track EP is “Monsters”. Between the melodies, how the vocals shine and the lyrics, it immediately caught my attention. It would be the first song I would go to replay. Kat found a great balance between having a powerful chorus paired with the simpler verses. You can check out ‘Made in the 90s’ here.

Photos by: Matt Blum

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