iDKHOW in Grand Rapids, MI

I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME (iDKHOW) were spotted performing in Grand Rapids, MI at The Elevation on Saturday night. The indie pop band started in secret by Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman, and denied their own existence for almost a year, proclaiming their music videos and tracks are “uncovered tapes and recordings... Continue Reading →

Dayglow in Grand Rapids, MI

By: Elise Coates Dayglow performed for the first time in Grand Rapids, MI on Sunday. Under the name Dayglow, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Sloan Struble creates catchy, effervescent, guitar-based indie-pop music. His catchy single, "Can I Call You Tonight?" picked up traction among the growing “bedroom pop” community and streaming platforms, where it racked millions... Continue Reading →

Ginesse and Her New Single, “Gatorade”

Photo By:  Isabelle Lesh Los Angeles based indie-pop artist, Ginesse has just released her latest single, 'Gatorade' which is the first release she's had since her breakout EP "Somewhere To Die." Ginesse pushes the boundaries of indie-pop, incorporating electronic beats into her music, creating more dynamic sounds to accompany her dream-like vocals. "Gatorade" got its... Continue Reading →

Greg Hill’s New EP ‘Better Love’

Photo by: Ava Pellor Based in Buffalo, NY, Greg Hill began his pop career in 2016, experimenting with mixing multiple different sounds, synths and programmed drums. Greg writes music about his story, ranging from heartbreak, anxiety, and loneliness. He's known for his trend of releasing an album, or EP, for only a short period of... Continue Reading →

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