Glass Animals @ The Louisville Palace, DREAMLAND TOUR

Photos & Review By: Seth Brown

A live and packed show at The Louisville Palace on the 22 of March. British indie rock band Glass Animals released their third studio album Dreamland which was released on the 7th of August of 2020, Glass Animals started their U.S. Dreamland tour on August 8th of 2021 in Lewiston, NY.

The Louisville Palace was a packed house that night the crowd was ready for Glass Animals to perform as the crowd gathered up, Headliner and Musical group Sad Night Dynamite opened the show up with their 2021 single Smoke Hole which was released in 2020, Sad Night Dynamite set the vibe for the crowd to prepare for Glass Animals to come out.

It was Glass Animals turn to show out the crowd was ready for them to come out, the set was based on home movies and memories with a diving board on the edge of the stage and video game-themed visuals in the back with led red and light blue lights. The lights from the set started to turn on slowly as Dreamland from their recent album Dreamland started playing and the crowd begin to make a wave of excitement, I even got goosebumps because I’m a Glass Animals fan myself, everyone was pretty friendly and the night was amazing as Glass Animals killed the rest of the show.

Glass Animals

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