Polaris & Like Moths To Flames @ The Foundry, Philadelphia, PA

Polaris and Like Moths To Flames co-headline a spring North America tour. They play at The Foundry in Philadelphia, PA as their 12th show in a row sold out on the tour. This is a tour you do not want to miss. They are being supported by Invent, Animate and Alpha Wolf. Such a great lineup for all us metalcore people. 

The Foundry was packed from the very start of the show. Everyone there was excited to see all the bands. Invent, Animate opens the show with great energy and performance. Alpha Wolf comes in strong with great stage presence. 

Polaris is unbelievable. They are an amazing band to see live. I finally went into my first mosh pit during their song Masochist. Their set was 12 songs long but it goes by so fast because of the way they keep your entire attention. So be sure to enjoy every second of it. I need to see them live again and so does everyone else who enjoys some good metalcore. 

Like Moths to Flames plays old and new, pleasing the crowd with every song. Opening with Habitual Decline was a great start to their performance. They played classics like I Solemnly Swear and Bury Your Pain with a blend of new favorites like The Preservation of Hate. The audience enjoyed every band that played. This is a lineup I would love to experience twice.

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