‘Love Like Knives’ Vera Bloom’s Latest Single

Vera Bloom is set to release her latest single + music video for ‘Love Like Knives’ today (12/4/2020). Her West Coast influences cannot be denied throughout her music. Vera blends that Seattle grunge with Nashville lending to a unique sound that is a force to be reckoned with. ‘Love Like Knives’ is her second single off of her debut EP, and is dedicated to her older sister and the emotional bond between them. The full 6 track EP, ‘Vera Bloom’ is set to drop January 22, 2021.

“The underlying message here is that I love my sister and I wish I wasn’t so far away from her. I wanted to show her how important she is to me by writing her a song.”

Vera Bloom

‘Love Like Knives’ instantly showcases that heavy hitting grunge guitar riffs, and drums, complimenting her vocals and lyrics. Vera has an immense amount of range – she can sing in a low, rock style, but at one point in the song she changes it up and hits this beautifully executed high note, making her a whole lot more interesting. She’s able to have that range while still keeping true to her style, leading for an exciting anticipation on what’s yet to come with the EP this January.

Along with releasing ‘Love Like Knives’, Vera created and is releasing a music video for it, and can be viewed above. The Video hold true to the songs emotion and the aesthetic she’s created. Throughout the video, it flips between showing Vera in a heavy red light to a white light where faded writing is visible over her skin, with some creative makeup along her eyes. This is a simple yet great way to keep the viewers attention when having a video that only shows the artist in one space, and I feel as though it fits perfectly with the theming of the song. Make sure you check it out and keep and eye open for the full EP!

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