Gillian Heidi New Single ‘Moonlight’

Boston-native Gillian Heidi, has just released her single, ‘Moonlight’. Despite only being 16 years old, she’s taken 2020 by storm, releasing 6 singles and anticipating the early 2021 release of her debut album, ‘3AM’.

‘Moonlight’ brings you everything you would want in a single release. It has dynamic vocals – which is impressive considering Gillian is only just breaking out into the industry at a young age- along side the pop melodies, creating this beautiful song. To me, her vocals paired with her songwriting make this such a successful song. The lyrics can be interpreted many different ways, but ultimately many listeners will be able to connect with them, which is something that is important to me. The more I can connect with lyrics the more I am drawn into the music. After my first listen, I immediately hit replay. If this is what Gillian has in store for her album, she will have no problems becoming a hit. Are you ready for what she has in store for us? I know I am.

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