Bearings New EP ‘Hello, It’s You’ Out Now!

Photo by: Brandon Decosta

Bearings new EP ‘Hello, It’s You’ is finally out, and it was WORTH the wait. The band has been teasing the EP by dropping a few songs prior to the November 20th release date. It was a great way to get fans excited about what they had in store for the rest of the EP. ‘Sway’ and ‘Super Deluxe’ were both instant hits and well received when released. The anticipation for what the rest of ‘Hello, It’s You’ was like became an all time high these past few weeks leading up to the 20th.

The EP ranges from upbeat songs that make you want to get up dance and jump around, to slower pace songs you can just relax to. The track list for ‘Hello, It’s You’ takes you on an emotional ride, with each song having immersing you into the story behind it. It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite off the EP, these guys really put out a perfect set of songs. When everyone is hurting during the state of the world, it was refreshing to have such an amazing release of new music to make you have something to feel excited about again. Make sure you check out ‘Hello, It’s You’ !

‘Sway’ Video

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