Static Cycle Releases New Single “Bread & Circus”

Static Cycle’s (Jared Navarre (lead vocals), Andy Sheridan (multi-instrumental), and
Lester Estelle Jr. (drums), new single “Bread & Circus” combines pop influences with modern rock, making it their first song to stray away from their usual hard rock sound.

A Roman poet coined the phrase ‘bread and circuses’ to represent political powers using food and games to divert the people’s attention. Our version is an introspective look at how we give those around us a facade of reality to prevent them from truly knowing us.”

Static Cycle

“Bread & Circus” manages to have a heavy underlying emotion while relaying a calming mood through the soothing vocals and instrumentals. The combination of the ‘pop’ and ‘rock’ influences makes for this unique blend of genres that’s sure to appeal to a multitude of listeners. It’s easy to press play and have in the background of a task your doing, or not doing anything at all and want to sit back, relax and enjoy a good song. You can listen here

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