Eighty Ninety’s Latest single, “Better as Friends”

Photo by: Eric T. White

Beginning in 2016, two brothers, Abner (vocals, production) and Harper (guitar, production) James formed Eighty Ninety with their release of their first single “Three Thirty”. Based in NYC, the alt pop duo quickly gained recognition, landing songs on Taylor Swifts hand picked playlist “Songs Taylor Loves”.

Their latest release, “Better as Friends” pulls on personal inspiration, connecting with listeners by sharing their experiences with the feeling of wanting to stay with someone you love without regard to the pain it causes. “Better as Friends” is the second single to be released from their upcoming sophomore EP, which was created with Grammy nominated producer Gian Stone.

“Better as Friends” has the melodies, vocals and lyrics of a great song, sure to have you dancing along at first listen. It’s a pop hit, and shows off the bands talent with guitar riffs, that take it to another level. With lyrics such as “once you tell someone that you know their the one, and you love them, can you really be better as friends?” Easily connects to anyone that’s been in a relationship that’s gone south, but tried everything to hold onto the connection. Every element of the song is perfectly mastered and comes together to create this song that’s soon to be stuck in your head on repeat. Don’t wait, you can listen here.

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