Three New Releases under Thriller Records by Outline in Color, AVOID, and Kailee Morgue

October has been and is continuing to be a lively month for Thriller Records in terms of releases.  On May 14th post-hardcore band Outline in Color dropped their latest album Coast is Clear, metal-core band AVOID released the newest of their latest string of singles, ‘Can’t Take This Away,’ and alternative-pop artist Kailee Morgue released... Continue Reading →

New Music & Interview by Young Culture!

Photo By: Kristen Zarra In this episode of the Midnight Riot podcast, Sage interviews Alex from Young Culture for their brand new EP “Godspeed” Young Culture is an Albany, NY-based trio consisting of Alex Magnan (vocalist), Gabe Pietrafesa (guitarist) and Troy Burchett (guitarist). They’re known for the diverse range of music created in a way... Continue Reading →

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