Get Ready for King Cujo’s Comeback Album, ‘Lost Inside The Landfill’

King Cujo is about to release their new single ‘Making No Sound’ on January 27, 2023, in preparation for their upcoming album ‘Lost Inside the Landfill’ coming on February 10.

Anyone who’s nostalgic for the late 90s and early 2000s rock but wants something fresh and new is sure to find what they’re looking for in these upcoming releases.

Who are King Cujo?

King Cujo is a London and Kent-based three-piece hard rock band making a comeback with their first stream of releases since 2006. Their most recent singles and upcoming releases mark a distinct evolution in sound from their last release over 16 years ago. 

‘Lost Inside The Landfill’ is sure to astound with its crisp production, captivating instrumental solos, slappy and succinct bass riffs, and catchy melodic vocals. 

‘Making No Sound’

The percussive intro to ‘Making No Sound’ does well at ushering in its pacing and tone. It does great at working with a darker soundscape and anthemic vocals cut between instrumental lines.

When you listen to this track, you can expect quick punchy bass that works well with the drums, resounding guitar lines, and growly vocals with emotional dynamics. And the interspersed guitar solos have so much to add to the atmosphere.

‘Making No Sound’ seems to tell the tale of being trapped in silence. The lyrics explore the concept of not having a voice that’s being heard, or not having a voice at all. “If you pass me by don’t worry oh no / I’ll be real quiet, so you can go.” There’s a sort of yearning there. A want to be heard, but an inability to do so. 

‘Lost Inside The Landfill’ Tracklist

‘Lost Inside The Landfill’ will be a 10-track LP including their latest single releases and much more. This is the full tracklist to expect upon release:

1. Down Here

2. Into The Heavy Snow

3. Bed of Nails

4. Roses

5. Lay Down And Pretend To Be Dead

6. Making No Sound

7. In My Vein

8. Dripping

9. Lost Inside The Landfill

10. Work To Live

‘Lost Inside The Landfill’

Bassist Ben Keep says that ‘Lost Inside The Landfill’ is about “anxieties caused by covid, the stupid decision for the UK to leave the EU (Brexit) and a government who make stupid decisions who we can’t trust, and kinda all the other anxieties of us reaching middle age.” 

This album has a great way of capturing the emotionality of it all. It’s introspective. It gives you a lot to think about and captures feelings that many have experienced in these truly trying times. 

It also seems to explore a tale of being trapped and lost in a world of uncertainty as everyone’s stuck and silenced by the climate of the world. One where those in power make decisions that seem almost robotic. As in, they seem to not look after humanity’s best interest.

One thing King Cujo does astoundingly in ‘Lost Inside The Landfill’ is sticking to an overall tone and sound in the music in a cohesive way. No song is the same, but they aren’t different in a jarring and confusing way. It sets the listener up for a smooth listening experience front to back.

Every part of this album is exciting and has a basis in heavy energy, but there are surely some standouts. 

For example, ‘Down Here’ serves as a great intro, being that perfect punch to hook the listener in, right from the opening growl of the bass. 

‘Lay Down And Pretend To Be Dead’ takes their heavy sound and amplifies it, delivering punky vocals and quick staccato guitar lines. 

‘In My Vein’ has a bit more of a softness to it, pulling back the overall energy a bit to find a more laid-back flow. 

Finally, ‘Work To Live’ is a great track to close things off on. It leaves the listener with the same introspectiveness and deep thought explored in the whole album. It wraps everything up nicely.

There’s so much to explore packed into ‘Lost Inside The Landfill,’ and you definitely won’t want to miss it!

King Cujo Bio

King Cujo consists of Kevin Dawson (Singer/Guitarist), Ben Keep (Bassist), and Jamie Hook (Drummer). 

They spent 6 years making music and playing shows with bands such as Jet, Razorlight, and The Subways while winning competitions such as ITV London Tonight Unsigned and Virgin Radio Unsigned. They were also the face of Pepe Jeans and Channel4Music before their split in 2006.

King Cujo is now back with even more musical precision than they left with, displaying a continued dedication to the music they create, even with their time off.

Don’t forget to follow King Cujo’s music pages and socials to catch ‘Making No Sound’ on January 27 and ‘Lost Inside The Landfill’ which is coming on February 10.

Edited by: Vincent Ejimofor

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