Three New Releases under Thriller Records by Outline in Color, AVOID, and Kailee Morgue

October has been and is continuing to be a lively month for Thriller Records in terms of releases. 

On May 14th post-hardcore band Outline in Color dropped their latest album Coast is Clear, metal-core band AVOID released the newest of their latest string of singles, ‘Can’t Take This Away,’ and alternative-pop artist Kailee Morgue released her track “Good Day to be My Dealer.” And releases keep coming.

Avoid has a new record in the works called Cult Mentality coming November 4th. Kailee Morgue actually had a release today, October 28th with her debut album Girl Next Door.

Each of these artists works with a unique repertoire. With this many releases from a dynamic range of musicians, there’s something for everyone.

Outline in Color

Outline in Color’s Coast is Clear is delivered with power and clarity. There’s a heavy punch in it that’s all imbued with catchy hooks and a dynamic bounce through each track, and features by Loveless, Foxera, AVOID, and Chris Roetter have a lot to add to this overarching dynamic. Each track feels like a hit, but they all flow together nicely. It all benefits from the production by Hiram Hernandez and Andrew Baylis which brings so much clarity to the colorful vocals and instrumentation throughout.

Outline in Color is a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based post-hardcore group currently consisting of vocalist, scream vocalist, keyboardist, bassist, and backing vocalist Michael Skaggs, vocalist and bassist Jonathan Grimes, guitarist CJ Cochran, and drummer Austin McFerren. This band works with numerous genres to create a discography filled with life and creativity, and there’s a clear evolution through their music. Outline in Color is currently on tour through November 6th, and you can find dates on Thriller Record’s site. There is also a music video for their track ‘Fight Fair’ available now.

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AVOID started track to their upcoming album with a dual release of singles ‘Split (Kill It)’ and ‘Cowabunga.’ These are two of five singles currently collected in an EP preparing for the Cult Mentality LP release. Each track has this intense energy level, delivering hit after hit, and each has its own way of delivering this energy. ‘Can’t Take This Away’ is an exciting rollercoaster of a track. The initial melody pulls you in in a catchy way, and the sax solo at the end is an amazing addition.

AVOID is a metal-core band based in Seattle, Washington with a lineup consisting of vocalist Benny Scholl, guitarists Nick Olson and Chris Echols, bassist Luke Ryder, and drummer Paul Jaton. AVOID landed a promotion with NASCAR following their release of EP ‘The Burner’ in 2020, and they’ve shown to have no plans to stop growing and evolving. Cult Mentality will be available to stream November 4th, but you can listen to the current five releases today. AVOID is also currently on tour, and you can find tickets on their site.

Stream ‘Can’t Take This Away’: Apple MusicSpotify

Kailee Morgue

Kailee Morgue just dropped her debut album Girl Next Door today, October 28th. This album has such an anthemic pop vibe, but different genres and pop aspects are explored throughout. For example, the sixth track ‘Alright Ok’ has tons of rock influence in the instrumentation and is almost completely electric, whereas the 9th ‘Another Day in Paradise’s intro is completely acoustic with soft vocals. The vocals and lyrics in this album are charged with personal yet relatable emotion.

Kailee Morgue is a Los Angeles-based alternative-pop artist with more than enough star power to go around. This artist got her start by making youtube covers in 2015, and she’s come a long way since then. She has a way of capturing her own raw emotion in the music she creates. Kailee Morgue’s Medusa EP quickly put her on the map, and Girl Next Door has been long awaited. But it’s finally here! Kailee Morgue will be performing November 3 at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles alongside Girlfriends and The Summer Set, and tickets are currently available on ticketmaster.

Stream Girl Next Door: Apple MusicSpotify

You can listen to Coast is Clear and Girl Next Door today, and Cult Mentality will be available November 4th.

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