Kevin Morby North American Tour

Photos and Review by Blanton Leigh

“This is a photograph, a window to the past (Thursday, October 20th), a man with gold fringe on.” – Kevin Morby, with a little personalization by yours truly. 

After a long and draining couple of weeks, I thought I needed a chill show to even me out, but that is not what I got, but I think it is what I needed. 

On this stop along his North American tour, Kevin Morby put on one hell of a show, with the assistance of the beautifully haunting opening from Cassandra Jenkins. Jenkins performed songs from her album An Overview on Phenomenal Nature, and having no previous knowledge of her work, I was able to let myself get lost in her words. A standout for me was a song she performed from the album, Ambiguous Norway, about loss, and creating a space for those loved ones, and how “everyone has a seat at the cosmic table,” what a way with words. We had an amazing conversation about our own personal losses after the show, and I thanked her for her music and how that song brought me comfort. I will never forget her and her kind words, thank you. She gave me the mellow, but captivating set I needed to re-center myself. 

I initially thought that’s what the whole show would be, having listened to Morby’s album, This is a Photograph, released earlier this year, but I was in for a surprise. Morby came out swinging, and didn’t let up for his whole set, beginning to end, he gave his fans everything, and they gave it back, quite literally towards the end, where I had my first time witness of an artist jumping into the crowd. It was awesome, and I can’t say I expected that going in, but I’m glad I got to capture that moment where the two became one. I also want to highlight Morby’s band who more than matched his energy and connected with the crowd as much as Morby did. This show punched by expectations in the face, and I mean that in the best way. 

I thought I knew what I needed going into this show, but what I got was so much better, thank you Kevin and Cassandra for proving me wrong, and showing me an atmospheric and bombastic good time. 

Stream An Overview on Phenomenal Nature here:

Stream This is a Photograph here:

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