New Jersey-based Pop Punk band Midtown is Releasing a Comeback Cover EP Tomorrow 05/26/2023

New Brunswick, New Jersey-based pop-punk four-piece Midtown is about to release their new cover EP, “We’re Too Old To Write New Songs, So Here’s Some Old Songs We Didn’t Write,” tomorrow 05/26/2023.

“We’re Too Old To Write New Songs, So Here’s Some Old Songs We Didn’t Write” About

“We’re Too Old To Write New Songs, So Here’s Some Old Songs We Didn’t Write” EP art

In this EP, Midtown will pay homage to several artists who impacted them as people and a band. As vocalist and bassist Gabe Saporta says, “We wanted to shine a light on our influences, and keep those influences alive.” The most recent release as part of this EP is a cover of Elvis Costello’s ‘Pump it Up.’ But they also have a couple of other singles off of said upcoming EP. These are covers of Pavement’s ‘Cut Your Hair,’ and Lagwagon’s ‘Know it All.’

Each track on this EP so far pays homage to each of the bands being covered, though none of them are too similar to the source material. They all put a signature Midtown spin on things with their hooky sound that’s full of melody and energy. Straying from the source material gives each track a sense of originality and builds a cohesiveness that runs through the EP.

Midtown’s Comeback

Midtown Band Photo

These are all tracks that are familiar to the band, as they used to use them as warm-up tracks. This likely gave a great basis for the crisp and clean sound each one has today. These covers also come straight out of a band reunion in 2022, which brought Midtown on two tours. In one of these tours, they were the headliner, and in the other, they were supporting My Chemical Romance. This was four years since they originally disbanded about 9 years before in 2013.

Midtown is working on getting some more shows in this year, so if you’re a longtime fan, or this is all new to you, there will be chances to see them in the near future. They’re also working toward releasing a surprise EP, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more in the future. Midtown already has a show lined up at Adjacent Festival in Atlantic City, NJ coming up on May 28th.

Band Bio

Midtown consists of lead vocalist and bass guitarist Gabe Saporta, vocalist and guitarist Tyler Rann, vocalist and guitarist Heath Saraceno, and drummer Rob Hitt. This band started their come-up in New Jersey’s punk scene in 1998, and they began releasing music soon after they came to be. On top of this new release, they have several albums and EPs available to listen to from before they disbanded. Now they’re back, and it’s obvious they’re more ready than ever to make music and perform.

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