Pop punk/metalcore quartet Octopus Montage’s new music video “Dopamine”, followed by its single, was released mid-way through January of this year. This fourth single adds to some of the previous ones, “Grow Up”, “Right Here With Me”, and “A Shortcut”, that all came out during fall of last year. It is an enthralling mix of vocal passages, dynamic guitars, a prominent rhythm, due to its sound and relatable theme. “Dopamine” uses lyrics of sincerity and realness and expresses the more personal nature of the group through its peculiar composition. This is all further emphasized by the nature and specifics of this new video.

Octopus Montage elaborates on such, 

“This track is a self-deprecating, angst-fueled explosion, disguised as a catchy pop-punk tune. It focuses on the mindset in which many people find themselves in when in their late teens and early 20’s, when an individual has to start acting like a ‘proper adult’ and has no idea how to do so. The song looks upon issues such as lifelong friends entering long-term relationships, moving up in their life whilst the individual is still single, working a dead end job and living at home, hence the need for a release of dopamine in the brain – a naturally created chemical in the brain known as a feel-good transmitter.”

What I believe is very poignant about the video is, all throughout the video it is showing owners with their cute and furry animals. It has anything from dogs, cats, to snakes, birds, and many others. And someone who doesn’t understand the song may be wondering why that is. But if one thinks about it, spending time with their pets can be a way to receive a release of dopamine. They are fun, loving, and adorable. Plus, spending time with their pets is a much better way to feel good then picking up other habits or addictions, involving social media or drugs. Someone even may hear this song and with no background knowledge, assume that this song is endorsing young people to get high. But, near the end of the music video, it makes the viewer highly aware of the side effects of occasionally receiving a high dose of dopamine. And this is most likely with the intention to spread awareness and tell young adults to find better ways to feel good.

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Author: Enrico Versace

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