Q&A With Big Smile

We had the pleasure to get some more insight on Big Smile’s writing, music and their latest song! See what they had to say below

MR: Killdozer was a great song, what prompted you to write about this subject?

BS: We wanted to touch in this subject because it has effected so many people close to us, as well as having an opioid epidemic in our own city. Things like this just hit way too close to home to avoid addressing.

MR: What did you hope for people who listen to it (Killdozer) to take away from it?

BS: We hope it makes people have a new perspective on the subject. View addiction as something they can fix and correct rather than being punished for corporations saying a pill will help and getting a patient hooked on it. Rehab over prison

MR: How did the band form and how did you come up with the name “Big Smile?”

BS: The band formed after we all played together in different bands, and then we found John on craigslist. The name was a working title that just stuck.

MR: What are your goals for the upcoming year ?

BS: With everything going on, it’s hard to say what goals are realistic, for now our goal is just to keep putting out music and continue connecting with fans and growing as an artist.

MR: How would you describe your writing process? What inspires you the most?

BS: Our writing process is random, almost different everytime but at the same time, almost always starts out with rhythm guitar. What inspires me most as a lyricist is honesty poverty, helplessness and the reasons why we are going through those things. Its emotionally exhausting to focus on that kind of stuff all the time, but I hope my lyrics cam raise enough awareness for people to realize that they are in a bad situation and work to change it.

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