Me From You: New Single EP and What They Have to Say About It

We had the pleasure of asking Me From You some questions about their inspirations, new single and EP! I can confidently say that this EP is not something you want to pass on, the first song will immediately catch your attention if you’re a fan of those catchy pop punk riffs. Every song on the EP is a great listen, however I personally think the last track, ‘Years Behind’ is the best. Instantly had me wanting to sing along and be in a crowd singing along with everyone. Check out what they had to say below!

MR: When writing, what’s the main form of inspiration for your music? And what do you hope for people to take away from it?

MFY: I think for us, our inspiration comes from what’s happening in our lives and how it makes us truly feel. We try to be as honest as possible in the stories we share and if people can relate and gravitate towards us that’s cool. We all go through the same things from time to time so I hope people can listen to our music and not feel alone in what they’re going through. 

MR:Tell us a bit more about Borrowed Time and what it means to you.

MFY:Borrowed Time is about realizing we have such limited time alive, so why not try to experience everything we can. I think holding on to grudges or the past, holding yourself back from things that make you happy to please everyone else is such a waste of time. We have one chance at life so why be in the way of your own happiness. 

MR: Do you all have any plans of touring in the near future ? If so, what are you most excited for people to hear live?

MFY: We’re planning to put together a short weekend tour this winter and see how it goes. I think we’re excited for people to hear our entire set! We’ve worked hard on these songs and have a lot of fun playing them. We just hope people enjoy us!

MR: Lastly, what is the song you’re the most excited to release off the EP?

MFY: We’re most excited for people to hear Years Behind. We’re honestly excited for people to hear all the songs. The entire EP is really fun, it comes out 12/10 so we hope you check it out!

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