Madison Beer Life Support Tour

Photos& Review : Nicole Solero

Last Tuesday night was a magical time for many Madison Beer fans as the singer performed at The House Of Blues in Orlando, FL for her Life Support Tour. The tour which started in October was the first time for many, including myself, attending a concert since the outbreak of Covid in 2019. With things picking up slowly with the start of tours & concerts, Safety from the virus may be a huge concern for many. I am here to say how pleased I was to see how this tour has taken precautions seriously as all attendees were required to show proof of vaccination for entry to the show. Masks were also encouraged.

Joining Madison on her tour were two opening acts that go by the names Audriix & Maggie Lindemann. Audriix opened first, & although she was solo on stage she still captured charisma that lit up the room with a performance filled with dancing & strutting. From her glitter boots to her all pink outfit Audriix was able to make her introduction to attendees & possibly new fans. 

Maggie Lindenmann followed as the second act but this set included a band. The live instruments completed Maggie’s grunge style. The stage was completely theirs, as maggie interacted with her stage band members who rocked out on opposite sides of the stage as maggie took center. The crowd was saturated with fans who knew Maggie prior to the show as you could hear singing from the audience. The energy all around the venue was exciting & matched Maggie’s performance filled with so much movement. Fans did not rest as they danced & rocked out with the band the whole time. Speaking for many, I can say we would love to have Maggie come back to Orlando soon.

Fans did not have to wait long until the main act of the night Madison Beer stepped on stage. The anticipation was contagious from the photo pit as fans behind me squealed when the lights went down & the curtain was once again pulled up. Screens on stage lit up with an intro video preparing the fans for what would come. 

In came Madison who surprised me with two dancers that accompanied her the entire show. Both dancers need a moment of appreciation for how effortless they made the incredible choreography seem. Which of course made Madison even more impressive as we got to see her do the same choreography & sing as well! We all know that’s not easy. The show included multiple outfit changes & different sets:

One being a wheelable vertical led box which had Madison stand in the center as the dancers moved her across the stage. Another set included Madison sitting on a beautiful swing attached to a tree which felt almost childhood nostalgic. Between the outfits, the sets & the music, the show captured both old fashioned & modern Glamour. As the tour continues, every tour date will offer a different experience for everyone & I encourage y’all to not miss out & check for a tour date near you!

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