Bleachers @ GLC Live, Grand Rapids, MI

Claud was the opening act for Bleachers. Influenced by 90’s alt-rock/pop and inspired by their own love and heartbreak, Claud’s sound is tender and dream-like. In 2019 they released  “Wish You Were Gay,”  and drew the attention of Phoebe Bridgers and became the first musician to sign Bridgers’ new label. Their newest album Super Monster delivers 13 songs with lo-fi beats accompanied by delectable harmonies and powerful lyrics of coming-of-age and young love.

Headlining for the first time in Grand Rapids, MI, Bleachers performed at GLC Live at 20 Monroe on Nov. 4. Bleachers is the stage name for Jack Antonoff, who is also a member of the band Fun, songwriter and producer for artists like Taylor Swift, Lorde, St. Vincent, and more. While performing live, Bleachers played each song like it was an encore, bringing high energy and crowd engagement with dueling drums, dueling saxophones, and calling for the crowd to get on someone’s shoulders. Bleachers performed hits like “Alfie’s Song” and “Don’t Take the Money.”

Photos & Review: Elise Coates

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