Marcelyn, The Band Releases ‘Monstrous Existence’

Philadelphia’s own Indie-rock trio, Marcelyn, The Band, released their third LP, ‘Monstrous Existence’, today (9/25). Originally a solo project created by Marcelyn Lebovitz (vocals/ukulele), is now grown to be a full three piece with the addition of Mike Lebovitz (bass), and Travis Martin (drums).

The album hold this funky yet smooth vibe to their songs, bringing you a soothing emotion when listening. The only song I felt was a bit off and was unfortunately the opening track, of it was a bit shorter I feel it would’ve been a better intro to the album. On the other hand, the tracks that follow make up for it, particularly ‘Guilloteens’. It has that unique sound that immediately captures your attention. Overall the album is great, and if you’re a fan of indie rock you’re sure to love it.

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