Eric Francis’ New LP ‘Under A Fake Sky’ Out Now

Eric Francis, a progressive metal artist created ‘Under A Fake Sky’ during the lockdown due to Covid, from March to July. During this time he was able to write, produce, record, mix and master this album from home. It tells a story about his personal experiences during lockdown, dealing with isolation and the current events taking place.

“The album ends on a cliffhanger. While creating this album has provided me with much needed comfort and distraction, nothing has changed. The pandemic is ongoing with no way out in sight. Many people, myself included, are still lost at sea when it comes to careers and incomes. The current state of the world is bleak, and I felt that there was no other appropriate ending. Depending on what the future holds, I may continue the story in a follow-up album.”

Eric Francis

You can stream and download here

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