Quarantine Q&A Vol.1 #3: VAYA

Vaya combines the talents of Vocalist- VAYA, Drummer- Raphaël, and Guitarist- Philippe to create a powerful rock trio. Currently, they are promoting their new Short Film, ‘Sexual’. ‘Sexual’ is filled with captivating visual elements like texture and balance as the music entrances and pulls you in. [Video Below]

MR: Introduce yourself in 6 words or less.
V: Strong, Authentic, Intuitive, Creative

MR: During the Covid-19 Quarantine, a lot of people spent time doing things they normally wouldn’t have done…did you pick up any new hobbies or learn any new skills?
V: Being a teacher for my kids 😀

MR: What do you miss the most about touring?
V: Discovering people and places, that is the main source of creativity.

MR: Do you have any Post-Quarantine plans?
V: I did not, I really felt a slow down. Only some things have date changes 🙂 So back to Japan next year, to do the next two short movies for VAYA, and a visual art exhibition in NYC.

MR: Whats one personal item you absolutely can not tour without?
V: Myself.

MR: What are the Top 3 artists you are inspired by?
V: Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Freddy Mercury

MR: Any words of wisdom for someone who may draw their inspiration from you?
V: Listen to your heart.


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