Pollyanna Releases New Album “Slime”

New Jersey punk band Pollyanna released new album, “Slime” on June 17th. The 12-track album includes previously released singles, “SLUT,” “Mars,” “Pathetic,” and “Relationship Anxiety.” The album has a grunge punk influence while diving into vulnerability. The album talks about sex positivity, being surrounded by disingenuous people, and how hard it is to let someone... Continue Reading →

OSLO Releases Debut Album “Great Places”

Chicago-based artist OSLO released debut album “Great Places.”  OSLO is the brainchild of TJ Horansky the former guitarist of the pop punk band, Sleep On It. The album was created in a home studio where he wrote, produced, and played all the instruments on the record. The Covid-19 pandemic forced him to slow down and... Continue Reading →

Wild Mothers Release Self-Titled Debut Album

“Wild Mothers” a rock trio from New Jersey, released their self-titled debut album on April 22nd. The band consists of Luke Petersen, Alex Bierman, and Brett Thompson, all of whom recorded, wrote, and produced the album on their own. They refer to themselves as the “rebirth of Rock n’ Roll” because they are bringing back... Continue Reading →

New Album From Mothé!

Earlier this month, Mothé released their latest album, I Don’t Want You To Worry Anymore. This album features singles "Terrified” and "Debt Collector” which has gathered over 1.28 streams across all platforms. This release is much anticipated by fans, and they can hear the new music live for the first time later this summer when Mothé... Continue Reading →

Marlon D and His New Release ‘Act 2’

From being involved with the underground hip hop scene since 2006, to opening for Guru from Gangstarr, Talib Kweli, Pete Rock, Slum Village, Marlon D recently released his latest endeavor, ‘Act 2’. ‘Act 2’ features a whopping 20 song track list. While listening you get an understanding of who Marlon D is as an artist.... Continue Reading →

8SNAKE Release Album “Kuiper Belt”

UK progressive rock band 8SNAKE, are releasing a new love album of jam sessions called “Kuiper Belt”. Formerly known as Francesco Fonte Band, they formed in 2011, they previously have released their debut album “Blue Omens” (2011) and an EP “Arousal Addiction” (2013). 8SNAKE have been compared to being a blend of Pink Floyd, Nine... Continue Reading →

Harry Styles releases new album ‘Fine Line’

By: Kristen Zarra, Photo: Tim Walker After much anticipation, Harry Styles releases his new album, ‘Fine Line’. There was a variety of different marketing going around but my favorite was for the single ‘Adore You’. Styles’ creative team produced a genius marketing strategy leading up to release of the single ‘Adore You’. They created an... Continue Reading →

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