8SNAKE Release Album “Kuiper Belt”

UK progressive rock band 8SNAKE, are releasing a new love album of jam sessions called “Kuiper Belt”. Formerly known as Francesco Fonte Band, they formed in 2011, they previously have released their debut album “Blue Omens” (2011) and an EP “Arousal Addiction” (2013). 8SNAKE have been compared to being a blend of Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, and The Doors, while making a unique sound of their own.

During 2020 in lockdown, they decided to work on the live album “Kuiper Belt”, to be released independently this month [August]. While they couldn’t get together to record, they pulled old recordings of their jam sessions to pick from for the release. While working hard on this surprise release, they are also working on a new album that will expand their sound, and plan to tour the UK, Europe and US, once touring begins again.

The tracks on this release have a wide range of time, the shortest is about 2 minutes while there’s a few averaging 17 minutes long. For me, that’s longer than I’d like for one track, I find myself wanting to skip through some parts to see what else the album has to offer. For fans of jam bands though, it would be a great fit.

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