Wild Mothers Release Self-Titled Debut Album

Wild Mothers” a rock trio from New Jersey, released their self-titled debut album on April 22nd. The band consists of Luke Petersen, Alex Bierman, and Brett Thompson, all of whom recorded, wrote, and produced the album on their own. They refer to themselves as the “rebirth of Rock n’ Roll” because they are bringing back what they feel has been missing from the genre in recent years.

The genre blending trio mix rock and funk to create an innovated sound. All three members contribute to the vocals making each track unique while still creating a cohesive album. Each member’s voice brings something different to each track, but still has their distinctive sound.

Tracks like “Motives” and “Are You Down with the Funk?” showcase the bands talent with many instrumental breaks also creating their modernized rock sound. To accompany the album, they released music videos for “All Makes Sense to Me” and personally my favorite song on the album “Mark My Words.”

The trio have concerts in the New Jersey and Philadelphia area, and their debut album is available on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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