Waxflower : “The Sound of What Went Wrong” Out Now!

Waxflower, a pop punk band from Brisbane, Australia, was formed in 2020 and just released their sophomore album, “The Sound of What Went Wrong” via Rude Records. After releasing their debut album, they quickly gained traction and toured with heavy hitters in the scene such as : Simple Plan, The Maine, Stand Atlantic, and The Dangerous Summer. They released a music video for their single “The Drama Scene” which was directed by guitarist Nick Hargans.

I’ve been rewatching a lot of late 90’s and early 00’s horror and college style movies, and I didn’t really have a solid idea for ‘The Drama Scene’ video, so I wanted to make it look like a scene from one of those movies.

The video starts off with Tristan at this party and everyone is acting like he isn’t there, then ends with them partying with him… a reference to the drama in life and the name of the song.”

-Nick Hargans

The Sound of What Went Wrong” has everything you’d hope for from a pop punk band. From catchy riffs to upbeat yet emotional lyrics, Waxflower is sure to have you singing and dancing along in no time! Personally, “The Drama Scene” is my favorite track from the EP; it’s the song that immediately caught my attention, so much so that I had to replay it right away. Waxlfower has a lot to offer this scene and should absolutely be added to you playlist! So what are you waiting for?! Check it out here!

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