Grand Lotus Releases EP “The Vibrant Migrant” July 17th

Tampa’s own alt rock group, Grand Lotus, is gearing up to release their EP ‘The Vibrant Migrant’ on July 17th. We had the privilege to hear it early and we were not disappointed.

The full EP keeps true to the laid back vibe listeners experienced with the release of singles “Haze” and “Signs”. “Haze” starts off and sets the tone for the rest of the songs, pulling you in, curious to hear more. Following “Confetti” which was a slower, more relaxing song, “Move!” picks back up with catchy guitar riffs. While listening it makes you want to get up and dance around, tapping your feet to the rhythm.

Rounding out the EP with “Bon Voyage” seems like a perfect choice. It’s catchy riffs pair perfectly with the high vocals during the chorus. It manages to convey a sense of loss and heartbreak while still showing a bright side. “I’m down on my luck, but today’s a new day” shows that despite something terrible happening, all you can do is focus on the new day ahead and what you can do to better a situation. Overall “The Vibrant Migrant” EP is has a solid sound, and showcases Grand Lotus’ strengths, would recommend giving them a listen on July 17th!

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