“Vacation” New EP From Foley

Photo by: Frances Carter

Pop-duo, Foley recently released their sophomore EP “Vacation”, following their 2020 debut release “On My Conscience“. Based in New Zealand, Foley is the creation of the unbreakable friendship between Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett. Their upfront honesty has gained them a fanbase of likeminded young listeners. Because of their strong bond as friends, their music and connections to fans are fun, friendly and authentic, easily connection them with the music.

This five track EP is a breath of fresh air released just in time for the summer. From the first notes of track one (Keep Me On My Toes), you feel like hoping in the car, rolling the windows down and just cruising around with friends. They slow things down by track 3, (“Better Than Love”) tapping into those emotions felt with a new relationship. “Better Than Love” focus’s on the fear of diving into something that might not work, but you can’t help but fall for the person more. It’s a good break in the middle of the track list, and the next song picks back up to that funky pop vibe. “Rendezvous” makes you feel as though you can take that leap of faith, whether it be with new love, or just a new life changing decision. There’s not doubt will have you dancing and singing along by the end of it. Foley closes the EP with “So Personal” which ties in the upbeat tones with the calming vibes that were displayed throughout the other tracks. This shows that they have a great range with writing, being able to have a well rounded track list that is able to showcase their strengths and what they can bring to their fans and new listeners alike.

‘Vacation’ is sure to be a hit, Foley displays a certain charismatic energy that captivates you from the first listen. Each track on this EP is well written and blends the vocals and instrumentals while being able to tell a story throughout them. This release is a must have to brighten up the summer thats about to be here!

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