Cody Jaey Releases New EP “One Less Leaf”

Folk artist Cody Jaey released his new EP, “One Less Leaf” on July 6th. The stripped down five track folk EP was created to use songwriting as a medium to bring feelings suppressed to the surface.

“These songs are some of the most intimate and personal that I’ve ever written. If people take away a message from this EP I hope it’s that they’re not alone in whatever they’re going through.”

The EP will not disappoint, with his deep soulful voice and a message anyone can relate to. After listening to Nathanial Rateliff’s album “And It’s Still Alright”, he got inspired and decided it was time for him to turn inward and bring out his feelings with songwriting.

All the tracks have beautiful lyrics that pairs perfectly with his deep voice. Deeply honest and vulnerable, “What’s Wrong With Sally,” was my personal favorite and I caught myself listening to this on repeat.

Jaey explains the song, “Sally for me is the more sensitive part of a person’s personality. As a man I find that Sally was the part of my personality growing up that a lot of people wanted to stamp out of me or that it was something I should be ashamed of. I wanted to make this song a tribute. To acknowledge her, and appreciate what she had to go through and finally show how grateful I am that she’s still in there. Because there’s nothing wrong with Sally.”

Cody Jaey is from Tuckerton New Jersey, and gets his inspiration from artists he grew up listening to such as, Iron and Wine, and The Tallest Man on Earth. He first studio album, “Almost Home,” was released in 2018 with his brother Cosmo Steinhauer, who he described as his musical soulmate.

“One Less Leaf” is his first musical endeavor that he mainly did on his own. He did receive advice from his brother Cosmo, and his good friend Chris. Another good friend, Spencer Bosworth, helped with sound engineering and production. This EP is part of a larger piece. Another EP, “Back in Season,” is coming in August, and the two will combine to become his second full length album, out in September.

Listen to “One Less Leaf” here.

Photo Credit: Patricia Steinhauer

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