Crown The Empire @Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD

Crown The Empire celebrate their 10 year anniversary of their well known album The Fallout. The album came out November 19th in 2012. This summer they set out on a 25 date tour across the United States with Destroy Rebuild (Until God Shows) also known as D.R.U.G.S, The Word Alive and Until I Wake.

The lighting for the whole show was impeccable. For every band you got great lighting from everywhere on the stage on every set. Thanks to Corbin an also well known Lighting director the crowd got the perfect show. But the lighting was not the only thing that was great, the music too was as expected breathtaking. Hearing songs we have not maybe heard in a while from Crown The Empire was a nice remembrance of my middle school emo phase as I am sure it was for many other people in the crowd. All of the openers put on a great set. It was not my first time seeing the Word Alive but they still take my breath away. It was my first time seeing D.R.U.G.S. and Until I Wake and I would definitely see them all again.

Crown The Empire was as great as always. They played with the same passion and energy as 10 years ago when the album first came out. Everyone and I mean everyone at Baltimore Soundstage was singing and screaming every lyric to every song. The album was played in its entirety along with some songs not on the album like In another Life, BLURRY, what i am, Machines and Dancing with the Dead. They opened with The Fallout and closed with Johnny’s Revenge. The order of all the songs brought everyone to the end with energy for even more. With people shouting one more song and not wanting to leave. The room was full till the end and then some. I thoroughly had a great time hearing some of my favorite songs of theirs. Is it too soon to hope for a 10 year anniversary of The Resistance?

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