Census Set to Release New Single “Sunbeam” 8/14/2020

Photo By: Kurt Lunsford

Census, a progressive modern rock band out of Hot Springs, Arkansas, are getting ready to release “Sunbeam” their latest single with a music video to go along with it. Having previously opened for Beartooth, Like Moths to Flames, and Kublai Khan, they’re on the right path to gain new fans.

“Sunbeam” is not only a heavy song instrumentally, but subject wise as well. Abuse is something many people unfortunately suffer through, and the song highlights how frequently it can and will happen, and the repercussions of the torment it causes the victim. With more and more victims being brave enough to come forward, it’s comforting to see a band use their platform to shed light to it, showing support.

Musically, the song is great- it flows perfectly from start to finish, leaving the listener wanting to press repeat. The riffs pair well with the vocals, bringing them to life. I would suggest everyone take a moment to listen and watch this video, whether you’ve heard of Census or not, and if you haven’t, you might just discover your new favorite band.

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