Cat Ryan Release New Single “Blessed Through The TV”

Photo Credit: Kristoff Photography

Following their success from “Mannerism”, Cat Ryan released “Blessed Through The TV”, to showcase their creativity through their instrumentals and lyrics.

Mary-Anne, the band singer/songwriter/instrumentalist says “[Blessed…] deals with the theme of half-heartedness; the limbo between abandonment and commitment. Lyrically the song is packed with metaphors exploring this whilst referring to the original inspiration: being sent an angel figurine (the one that features on the single artwork) from my aunt. The Pope had done a mass blessing through the television, telling people to hold items up to the tv to be blessed. It didn’t quite make sense to me; it was almost a half-hearted blessing, and this sparked the ideas behind the song”

“Blessed Through The TV” is unique in the way it blends the funky instrumentals with the catchy lyrics. It falls into the alternative music genre but puts a spin on it, similar to the sounds of The Japanese House. Cat Ryan manages to create indie pop melodies mixed with some alt rock riffs, creating this comforting feeling throughout the song. Layer the high vocal notes over them and they made this one something easily something that you will hum to yourself, whether you have the lyrics memorized or not.

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