ARTIST OF THE WEEK: 360 Phoenix Flip Combines Genres In Latest Single

Operating under the name 360 Phoenix Flip, Mark Lovett has released his second single this year. The single “Keep dreaming” is a mix of 2000’s pop punk band’s sound with that of Owl City’s. If you’re used to having these genres very separate from each other, prepare for something different. 360 Phoenix Flip aims for... Continue Reading →

Soraia’s Tight-Lipped Encourages Speaking Up

Philly Rockers SORAIA Return with New 7" Single "Tight Lipped" (b/w Cover of Aerosmith's "Angel", ft. Jessie Wagner) ZouZou Mansour: lead vocal, tambourineTravis Smith: bass, backing vocalsBrianna Sig: drums, percussion, backing vocalsNick Seditious: guitars When listening to Soraia's latest single “Tight-Lipped” you're hearing a refusal to keep quiet any longer. Soraia’s lead vocalist, ZouZou Mansour, uses Shakespeare’s... Continue Reading →

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