Soraia’s Tight-Lipped Encourages Speaking Up

Philly Rockers SORAIA Return with New 7″ Single “Tight Lipped” (b/w Cover of Aerosmith’s “Angel”, ft. Jessie Wagner)

ZouZou Mansour: lead vocal, tambourine
Travis Smith: bass, backing vocals
Brianna Sig: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Nick Seditious: guitars

When listening to Soraia’s latest single “Tight-Lipped” you’re hearing a refusal to keep quiet any longer. Soraia’s lead vocalist, ZouZou Mansour, uses Shakespeare’s character Ophelia as inspiration for the lyrics but puts her own twist on the character. In the song, Ophelia’s shift in attitude towards challenging, “the status quo and direction of her life,” feels empowering and unapologetic. In an interview with Philadelphia Weekly, Mansour explained that the song reflected her own transformation from being ‘tight-lipped’ in her own life “out of fear,” to not letting that fear control her. For rock fans who have gone through a similar transformation, this song could certainly strike a chord. The rhythm, defiant attitude, and guitar riffs that “Tight-Lipped” has are examples of what many rock fans love about the genre. 

The single was released with a b-side cover of Aerosmith’s “Angel” that features labelmate Jessie Wagner. Originally the cover was just a post on social media but the popularity it garnered led to Soraia and Wagner recording and releasing it. Mansour and Wagner’s vocals compliment each other and both the vocals and music have a slightly softer sound compared to the track’s original version.  

Soraia is a rock band from Philadelphia composed of lead singer ZouZou Mansour, bassist and backing vocalist Travis Smith, drummer and backing vocalist Brianna Sig, and guitarist Nick Seditious. You can stream “Tight-Lipped” on Spotify and keep up with the band on Instagram and Twitter @soraiarocks or go to their website 


“All rise for the fire and euphoria of Soraia: Dig Your Roots is your road to garage-rock salvation.” 

David Fricke, Rolling Stone/Sirius XM Radio


Instagram/Twitter: @wickedcool_nyc

Author: Maribel Bermudez

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