night, love you (alt EP) Nightly’s Latest Release

Nashville’s alt pop band, Nightly, just released their alternative EP, ‘night, love you’ January 29th. Jonathan Capeci, Joey Beretta, and drummer Nick Sainato have been successfully releasing music since their debut in 2016 with their debut Honest EP. Under their new partnership, BMG Recordings, they released a cinematic track ‘the movies (ft Charli Adams)’.

‘night, love you’ consists of four tracks that are stripped down to these beautifully crafted acoustic songs. The song that particularly stood out to me is “Summer”. It immediately reminded me of that free fun love that you experience in your early adulthood where all you are concerned with is where the next place to explore will be. On the other hand, ‘Older (Live)’ resonates with how myself ( and I’m sure many others) are currently feeling. It hit the emotions on how there are moments in life where you second guess the path you’re on, and begin to think of all the , “what ifs”. This starts to set in as you get older, and may feel like you’re not at the place in your life you think you should be, but you can’t let those thoughts take over, everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. Nightly captured that struggle in this perfectly, the lyrics and the instrumentals come together creating this beauty in the tough times aesthetic. In a time where everyone is uncertain as to how or when things will begin to feel ‘normal’ Nightly releasing this EP will help listeners overcome feelings of loneliness and self-doubt, making them still have music to turn to.

Make sure you give this one a listen!

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