Maritza Merk releases Debut Album “X” and Music Video “I Don’t Believe It”

MARITZA MERK channels past heartbreaks for “X”

Maritza Merk’s debut album X gives listeners glimpses into her past relationships. Each song is an encapsulation of an experience from a relationship without revealing too much. While one might expect reflecting on past heartbreaks to yield plenty of angry or bitter feelings, Merk’s music tends to feel more nostalgic. A majority of the album’s songs are like listening to a peaceful one-sided conversation about the state of a relationship. The track “Dream Catcher” gives lullaby vibes as Merk sings confidently about her good dynamic with her partner and “Get Lost With Me” is sensual and positive with lyrics like, “This might be my last, yeah, this might be the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Negative sentiments feel more like an undercurrent thanks to the atmosphere the music itself provides. The lyrics to “I Don’t Believe It” imply disappointment over a breakup Merk didn’t see coming but the music is soothing, sounding more soft and upbeat than sad. Even the visuals in the music video for “I Don’t Believe It” are more soothing than sad as Merk sings and walks through trees and flowers and a beach. The angriest imagery of the music video comes in the form of burning a piece of paper with “I Don’t Believe It” written on it.   

X is an RnB album that utilizes lo-fi and electro beats. Some songs have possible Caribbean influences in the beats as well. Maritza Merk’s songwriting on the album is mostly straightforward and simple, not always making the listener feel like they have the whole story, but by compiling the songs together on X, Maritza Merk gives listeners different phases and layers to her relationships and their aftermath that many can relate to. In all 10 tracks, the music grabs as much attention as her vocals and the lo-fi influence helps the songs give off a sense of comfort. While Merk’s lyrics don’t necessarily highlight the self-growth she may have experienced with these relationships she has said that her songs, “are reminders to embrace every feeling,” regarding lovers and heartbreaks, and the songs on X definitely explore them.
Maritza Merk was born in Brooklyn and raised in New Jersey. Her writing style was partly influenced by the stories her Haitian grandmother has shared with her. She is part of the New York-based collective Merk La Familia. You can stream X on Spotify and Apple Music and follow Merk on Facebook or on Instagram @maritza_merk and on Twitter @Maritza_Hun.


Author: Maribel Bermudez

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