SoulSwitch Looks To Internal Struggles For Third Single

“Until the End” comes across as your standard rock breakup song upon the first listen but SoulSwitch didn’t write the song with people going their separate ways as the focus. According to the band the song, “is about the relationship between the subconscious and the conscious,” and how the subconscious tries to influence the choices of the conscious but is being, “muted in the process.” 

“Until the End” has what you’d expect in a rock song. It’s catchy, the guitar and drums go hard and add to the song’s rhythm, and there’s even some light screaming. This combination and lyrics such as, “Pain I thought would go away, still things I want to say, I need some solid ground,” helps make “Until the End” sound as if it belongs on a playlist with songs from bands like Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin. It has the energy of a song you could rock out to in your car or listen to at the gym while pushing through a workout or, of course, listen to post-breakup.  

“Until the End” comes with a music video that was filmed at the FIRST Institute in Orlando to help students there with a project. In the video you see a couple reacting to their breakup, looking visibly upset, holding themselves, and rubbing their heads as they sit separately. The video flashes back and forth from this imagery to SoulSwitch rocking out with different color lighting cast on them at times. “Until the End” is the third of four singles planned for release. All four songs focus on internal struggles. 

The members of SoulSwitch are Paul Mahoney on vocals, Jimmy Kwong on guitars and vocals, Billy Rufrano on guitars, Matt Larson on bass and vocals, and Don Cadman on drums. You can follow SoulSwitch on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram @soulswitch and stream their music on Spotify or Apple Music.



Author: Maribel Bermudez

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