Eighty Ninety Releases “Forever”

Photo: Eric T White

Eighty Ninety just released a new single “Forever”, joining their previous releases “Better as Friends” and “Happier”. All three of these singles will be a part of their sophomore EP, set to release this spring! “Forever” focus’ on the notion of coming to peace with the longing to be with someone you love, but them not feeling the same way.

The song has these dreamy vibes to them that take this feeling that could be somber and make it upbeat. Eighty Ninety takes emotions everyone goes through and manages to find the silver lining in them. They create music that uplifts you and pulls you to a happier side of those feelings, which is prominent throughout “Forever”. After hearing these past few singles they’ve released, it is exciting to see what they have in store for their spring EP release! Make sure you check them and their single “Forever”!

Spotify | Website | Instagram

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