Velvet Skyline Releases New Single and Album

Photos By: Faith Alesia Alvarez 

Alternative rock band Velvet Skyline has released their latest single “Circles”, now available on all digital platforms! “Circles” serves as the lead single off their latest LP “What We Have in Common”, which is now available for streaming. “Circles” ushers in the progressive and grunge influenced sound of the album. Led by vocalist Taylor Seerden, the quartet is full of fresh, youthful, punk-fueled energy. 

Velvet Skyline is a female-fronted, modern-alternative-rock band with grunge influences. The band was formed by lead guitarist Hunter Puentes and by vocalist Taylor Seerden in Victoria, Texas in 2017. Shortly after the band got together, bassist Nate Martinez joined, and they started booking shows, originally as a cover band. Eventually, their quest for musical permanence led them to Denton, TX; a small college town with an active music scene. They found their current drummer, Chris Ortiz, who brings a solidified punk influence to the group. Together, they wrote their full-length album, “What We Have in Common”, which is now available to stream and download. The band cites active influences of grunge, progressive and alternative rock throughout the whole album. Velvet Skyline uses music as a form of escape and therapy; using strong and vivid themes and imagery to celebrate empowerment, tackle past trauma, and show strength in uncertain times.

“Circles” is about the vicious and never-ending cycle of hoping someone can and will change for you. The song serves as an empowering anthem; it’s okay to ask for something more or change within a relationship. This lead track serves as the perfect introduction to the lyrical themes of the LP “What We Have in Common”. 

The entirety of the album will take listeners on an emotional journey, telling an edged-out coming of age story through punk production. “What We Have in Common” is a cathartic and therapeutic release of emotion, with themes of mental illness, love, and heartbreak. The album as a whole serves as a reminder that feelings, whether positive or negative are shared. Music is a way to let us know that someone out there understands what we may be experiencing. Everyone faces adversity. “What We Have in Common” allows us to remember that we are not alone and that our feelings are not in isolation. Our struggles are shared and valid. Lyrics throughout the album speak to the growth and hardships that come with growing older. These songs are relatable in one way or another. The themes of each song are relevant and prevalent throughout the LP’s entirety, serving as “what we have in common” with one another. 

“Circles” serves as the perfect intro to not only “What We Have in Common”, but new listeners of Velvet Skyline. Velvet Skyline has the ability to heal wounds and speak to others through their music. Make sure to stream both “Circles” and “What We Have in Common”!

Stream and Download “Circles”

Stream and Download “What We Have in Common”

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