Callie Reiff and Lenii Have Just Released Remix Project “The Kids Are All Rebels 2.0”

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Callie Reiff has just collaboratively teamed up with Lenii to release “The Kids Are All Rebels 2.0,” a remix of Lenii’s original song tackling the prevalent world issues of 2020.

Lenii originally released “The Kids Are All Rebels” in 2020. It started as a rap verse she put on tik tok, calling out the broken American system. It’s now known as a Gen Z anthem, and with good reason. The lyricism packs a punch and sums up the feelings of a generation. A generation who is tired of seeing anyone treated as less than human. One who recognizes a system that unjustly allows police to kill black people, frequently disregards climate change and poorly responded to the COVID-19 public health crisis.

The track openly displays the rebellion of the younger generation and those deeply affected by the state of America. It goes through reason after reason for why the nation’s problems can’t be taken lightly. “A generation of rebels with too many causes. There’s smoke in the air and we’re all getting nauseous. If melanin colour’s worth killing a goddess, we’ll take to the streets and you’ll see who the boss is,” the intro resounds. There’s so much power, and the lyricism remains just as powerful throughout the entirety of “The Kids Are All Rebels.”

This single really hit home for DJ and producer Callie Reiff, so she got in contact with Lenii to see how they could collaborate. Reiff was looking for an opportunity to showcase her evolved sound, and this was the perfect opportunity. One where she could work with a song that already meant a lot to her. The original song was given an indie-club spin and was re-released as “The Kids are all Rebels 2.0.” Lenii and Reiff are both Gen Z women who show power within a male dominated industry. Working together proved to be the perfect decision, and they released a track which seamlessly builds onto the original.

This collaboration is important. These women worked together to take an important message and push it back out there. As time has gone on, less and less are talking about pertinent issues still going on. Releasing this remix in 2021 proves that people still care about the state of the world and refuse to silence themselves. It shows that though the constant calls for change aren’t as loud in the beginning of 2021, they still hold significance. It might not seem like it all the time, but the injustices that glared at the entire nation last year are ongoing. People like Callie Reiff and Lenii are working hard to let people know that change isn’t just wanted, it’s vital.

Callie Reiff is a prolific producer and DJ who has been producing music since the age of 16 and is now 21. She frequently works with a number of artists such as Alison Wonderland and Sofie Tucker, and she has opened for Deadmau5, Ed Sheeran, Skrillex and more big names in the music industry. Reiff has been featured on Spotify’s “Women of Electronic Music’s’ playlist for Women’s History Month.” She has also been featured in New York Magazine’s “The Cut” and also Vogue.

Callie Reiff is currently preparing for a solo project. Throughout 2021 she will be releasing a number of singles and an EP. She is transitioning into working more as a singer/songwriter, but she plans to build that off of her roots as a DJ and Producer. Reiff states, “I’ve been producing since I was around 16 and been patient with trying different genres, sounds, ideas.” This exploration will lend her well in her upcoming project, and she’s most proud of her music yet to come.

You can listen to “The Kids are all Rebels 2.0” right now on your streaming platform of choice.

Callie Reiff Socials: Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter

Lenii Socials: Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter

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