ARTIST OF THE WEEK: 360 Phoenix Flip Combines Genres In Latest Single

Operating under the name 360 Phoenix Flip, Mark Lovett has released his second single this year. The single “Keep dreaming” is a mix of 2000’s pop punk band’s sound with that of Owl City’s. If you’re used to having these genres very separate from each other, prepare for something different. 360 Phoenix Flip aims for an upbeat chorus with contrasting verses in the song as he shares his frustration with how the algorithms of many apps and websites work against smaller artists. He explained that these algorithms favor those with higher budgets making it difficult for smaller artists to spread their content,“no matter how good their music is.” For the most part, the punk aspects of “Keep dreaming,” are exactly what you expect when you think of pop punk with an EDM influence that can unexpected throughout parts of the song, especially if you don’t know what you’re getting into. Lovett has been consistently releasing music and working on implementing synths into punk songs since 2015 which gives the impression that Lovett will continue to bare with these algorithms and keep working on mastering this combination of genres.

360 Phoenix Flip is growing and if you’re a fan of “Keep dreaming,” then you’re in luck as there’s no question that he’ll be putting out more music and likely continuing to refine his sound. 360 Phoenix Flip originally hailed from the UK and is now based in China. You can check out more from 360 Phoenix Flip at or on Spotify and Apple Music. You can also find his channel on Youtube and his Instagram page under 360 Phoenix Flip. 


Author: Maribel Bermudez

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