Julian Skiboat releases “Flowers” currently available worldwide

After the year we’ve just had, it’s easy to convince oneself that it’s just going to get worse. Some look at what’s happening with the pandemic and some governments and they believe these are the end times. But what ever happened to the idea that maybe better days are ahead, that often things are going to get worse before they get better? Multi-instrumental and singer-songwriter Julian Skiboat explores this idea in his most recent hit single “Flowers”. Julian wrote “Flowers” after he experienced a mental reset. His past tracks have fallen into the common genre of “sad boy” romance songs, to ones about self-growth. His upcoming releases are said to be inspired by his day-to-day living, containing themes that come from his own past experiences and relationships, to everyday occurrences and general thoughts, leading listeners to the encouraging idea that everyone goes through the same struggles and we’re not alone in this life. With Julian continuing to press his artistry forward and with a step up in production and musicianship, he is showing much dedication to furthering his craft. He has been noticed by press outlets such as Live Nation’s Ones To Watch, Lyrical Lemonade, Hilly Dilly, Urban Outfitters, and more. Just like any other up-and-coming singer, Julian is really making a name for himself.

Produced by Peter Kuli, “Flowers” is the first time Julian has collaborated with anyone on his music before. The track contains features listeners may enjoy, like laid-back, lazy melodies, effortless hazy vocals and soft, jazz-tinged guitars, emitting an almost therapeutic feeling. From what I can gather, the song is about someone that may still feel in love after possibly a breakup, but they’re not leaving flowers at the other’s door. That maybe one isn’t missing the other, but instead is just reminiscing and using the good memories to get oneself through this hard time. Some people tend to forget that there’s a difference between miserably missing someone and just recalling the happy memories. It’s therapeutic to reflect and realize the experience wasn’t all bad, and that it could have been worse, and one can use happy memories and positivity to pick oneself back up. There’s always another perspective to what happened or what’s going on. Sometimes one feels like the world is crumbling around them or everything is just getting worse. What we feel internally at a moment and what is actually happening externally isn’t always the same. Sometimes one is just sitting in their room, and the world is just passing by, there are a million things that are happening right now, but this is just one little moment, and it will pass. That’s the realization that looking over the song “Flowers” has helped me get to.


Author: Enrico Versace

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