A review of the full length album by The Amatory Murder- Singularity Complex

In June we covered the release of the “My Love” music video by The Amatory Murder. The Amatory Murder got its start in Brooklyn, NY in 2011 with singer-songwriter Christian Peppas (better known as ‘Xian’). Eventually, he expanded the current lineup to include drummer Scott Genovese, guitarist Christian “The Governor” Buckley, and bassist Binx Noir. While keeping with a classic rock sound, they combine heavy guitar and drums with piano and pop arrangements. Today we’re covering their full-length album “Singularity Complex” which includes “My Love”.

The album begins with a melodic and hopeful sounding introduction in major keys and shifts to a more dark ambient sound before coming to a silent end with a whisper “You kicked me when I was down” The album continues with a groove bass line in “Room 208 Pt.1” the catchy chorus rings through “we were banging on the door of room 208” as I envision the crowd screaming in a slightly slower tempo “I’m not done yet”. The goth vibe during the guitar solo sets the tone for most of “Singularity Complex”. As the album progresses the Goth tone never disappears but we get to hear more of the Rock tone that The Amatory Murder is becoming known for. It’s what they’re good at and we get to hear so as the bass drives through alongside guitar solos that are full of energy. Towards the middle of the nine-track album, we get a change of pace with “My Love” which is full of Southern Gothic blues, sax, and harmonious vocals. 

“This song is a version of one written by lead singer Christian’s father, who unfortunately passed in 2018, and revamped by the band. ‘My Love’ has a bluesy/jazz sound and feel to it, making it different from what you would expect from an alternative rock band. The saxophone stands out in particular, it draws the listener into all the emotions being conveyed in the song and lyrics, and ties everything together.”

Kristen Zarra, Midnight Riot Magazine

The following track “Cruelty And a Second Death” meets us with a piano solo over someone crying. It’s peaceful and jarring all at the same time as a door creaks open and slowly shuts. The song comes to an intentionally chaotic end that leads into “Room 208 Pt.2” which has Power Metal bones and just like that we’re back to the driving bass and upbeat guitar sound that gives The Amatory Murder their familiarity. “Part of Everything” takes me back to My Chemical Romance and the era of post-hardcore.

The members of The Amatory Murder display their obvious love for Rock and their many talents. While the lyrical content of most of the tracks is obvious and most straightforward in meaning, the album feels like a love note written to us listeners to remind us of where we’ve been and where we’re going- in music and in life. The album is full of melodic and anthemic vocals, groovy bass, energetic guitar solos, and drums that are all well mixed together. Overall, this album holds something for everyone and is so subtlety diverse amongst rock genres- it’s well worth the listen!

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Listen to ‘Singularity Complex’ HERE!

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